Zoltan – Keyboards/Vocals

Zoltan is the technical ‘whiz’ of the band, ensuring the best possible sound is obtained, and utilizing current technology to further enhance to quality of HitZone. In addition to studying music, he holds an honors degree in Computer Engineering (Monash, Clayton, graduated top of his year). Zoltan has been mixing and programming music for many years, and ensures each song has a quality full band sound, without the thin synthesized sound that is characteristic of many other duos. Time and time again, comments such as "we thought we were listening to the CD" are declared, and people are consistently amazed with the big, full reproduction this band produces.
Being so fussy, HITZONE invested wisely (and considerably out of pocket) in a state of the art NEXO sound system to match their desire for sound perfection. This system has to be heard to be believed...the clarity and warmth is unmatched, and certainly does the band justice. Most importantly Zoltan has the ability to know how to achieve the best sound, and with the right tools, he never gets it wrong!
Zoltan is also an amazing and accomplished vocalist, providing  awesome harmonies in addition to sharing the lead vocals. Like Sue, he has a versatile voice and possesses the ability to change his tone to suit various styles. His rendition of Neil Diamond songs are a source of continual compliments from audience members, as well as his performances of the latest top 40 songs from artists such as Ricky Martin, Ronan Keating, Craig David, or Santana/Rob Thomas (matchbox 20) In fact it is very rare to find two singers of this calibre working together, which makes this package very much one of a kind.
Both Sue and Zoltan began singing in their early childhood years and they have extensive experience individually and collectively, which enables them to judge a crowd and adjust all aspects of their show accordingly. Their skills and talents complement each other, enabling them to cover an amazing range of styles with a level of quality unmatched in their field.



  Sue Jones – Vocals

If any one aspect of HitZone is to be singled out as the main feature, it is certainly the extraordinary talent, quality and versatility of Sue’s vocal performance. Few female vocalists attempt songs by the world’s most famous divas such as Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, and still fewer do them justice. Sue not only does them justice, but adds a further dimension, whilst retaining the essence and quality of the original song and artist. From the lowest subtle dulcet tones, to the highest of highs, a voice with the power that could light up a small city, and send shivers down your spine. Sue is truly a master of her craft and consistently leaves audiences amazed and delighted, and is definite proof that you don't have to be a recording star to stand along side the most famous singers of the world as an equal.
Sue's vast LIVE experience, studio session work, TV appearances, recording and chart success adds to her ability to be able to produce a performance second to none, time and time again, always with the same level of amazing vocal quality. She has worked with many of the best in the industry, because she truly is one of the best in the industry.
In addition to powerful ballads, Sue covers a diverse range of styles and artists, from the latest top 40 (Shania Twain, Madonna, Kylie, Sophie Ellis Bexter, Shakira, Anastasia, Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Amorosi, to name a few) to classic 70s dance songs, each with the same high degree of precision and accuracy. In 1998 she teamed up with two prominent D.Js to form the group ‘Red Zone’, signed under Mushroom Records.  They enjoyed success with an Australian top 10 hit single, and have since made an assault on the European and U.S dance market.  This recording success adds a further element to HitZone.
Sue is the front person of HitZone, and in addition to her favourable musical talents, she is a friendly, down-to-earth person with the ability to convey positive energy and to encourage involvement and participation from a crowd. Sue is also an experienced Master of Ceremonies and has been providing a professional service for wedding clients for a number of years. As an added bonus, there is no additional fee for this service.
From the moment you contact HITZONE you are dealing directly with the artist. Sue will answer all your questions and even advise you on other wedding related matters should you wish to utilize the experience and knowledge she has acquired over the years. She can even help coordinate your function and recommend other quality services. Once again this is all part of service people have come to expect from HITZONE...always helpful and friendly because they know how stressful planning a wedding can be.  From the time you make your initial enquiry, to your final farewells on your wedding night, HITZONE will have you relaxed and truly confident that you made the right decision in entertainment, and your guests will rave about your wedding night for many months to come, that's a promise you can count on.